Our Legacy

This is the story of the love of fun and creation joining together to become a passion for an ancient drink.

Bla bla

Proudmane Meadery is a tiny hand brewing business in Taastrup, Denmark. We pride ourselves with only using Danish honey, purchased directly from Danish beekeepers from all around the country, ensuring the highest quality authentic mead.

We have been brewing mead since 2013 and have tried a wide variety of different brewing methods, and we enjoy making sweet honey mead, where the original taste of the honey, does not vanish in other flavors.

Each batch of mead is different, and we do our best to ensure a wide variety of taste, consistency and alcohol percentage, to make sure there’s something for everyone to try. We never skimp on our products, so you will always be sure that the sweetness that the mead has, is from the delicious honey and no other sugars, unless stated otherwise on the batch itself.

Just like other wines, mead can never get old, and will only get better with proper storage and aging, and especially long-term storage on wooden barrels, gives a depth and flavor that a lot of other spirits cannot match. We enjoy many different aging and storing methods, but our mead is never served unless having been stored for less than 6 months, to ensure a good uniform richness and flavor.

The brewer is always eager to try new things, from Cyser, Metheglin or Braggot branches and we regularly enjoy partnering with other small brewers to produce new amazing experiences.

Mead itself is one of the oldest alcoholic beverages, the like having been dated in old clay jars, as far back as 7000 BC. Mead has been produced almost consistently ever since, and has been enjoyed by many throughout history. Especially here in Scandinavia, has mead been a large part of alcoholic culture, along with beer and has created a large and diverse drinking culture across most of the northern hemisphere.